Big business and start-ups working together with Venturespring


A new ‘venture development studio’ has launched to connect start-ups with big business, working with brands to develop and launch new digital companies.

Venturespring works with global brands to develop products, systems and services, and then forms teams made up of young entrepreneurs to scale them as independent, profit-making entities, dispensing the advice, resources and guidance necessary to build up their businesses along the way.

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How do you connect startups with brands?

Brands and Star-ups

When I kicked off my conference business to bring thought leaders together onto one stage to discuss the convergence of social, location, and mobile, I knew we were just scratching the surface. Through Social-Loco and Mobile-Loco I have watched startups and big companies take the stage and make their predictions about where the market would go. Over the years, I saw more brands, agencies, and retailers attend the events and engage with startups.

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