What Entrepreneurs Need to Know


An accelerator, the latest buzzword used at economic-development agencies and universities, is a short-term, high-intensity program led by mentors. It may provide seed capital for participating enterpreneurs to test a business model.

On the surface the growth in accelerator programs may seem to benefit entrepreneurs — and in many cases it does. But this also means entrepreneurs need to be more selective and diligent than ever.

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European Unicorns – Do they have legs?

European unicorn

+33% European Unicorns in the last twelve months
FinTech sector driving Unicorn growth across Europe

There are now 40 companies in the prestigious list of Unicorns – billion-dollar valued tech companies – in Europe, according to “European Unicorns – Do They Have Legs?”, a new report released today by GP Bullhound, the international technology investment bank.

Defining a Unicorn as a company that has achieved an IPO or valuation of one billion dollars or above, the report is a comprehensive analysis of Europe’s most successful tech companies.

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Will Corporate Venture Capital Disrupt the Traditional Investment Ecosystem?

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Corporate venture capital is picking up speed in the investment industry, as large companies start setting aside funds for external investment in fledgling companies or startups.

Tech giants like Intel, Dell and AMD all have strong track records with their proprietary funds, and more companies like Microsoft and Salesforce are now entering the venture-fund game. During the past four years more than 475 corporate venture funds have started, bringing the worldwide total to more than 1,100, according to Global Corporate Venturing.

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