Corporate Venture Capital Is King In Japan

social CANDY japanWhen it comes to raising money in the U.S., corporate venture capital is seemingly synonymous with “Plan C.” If you can’t raise money from top-tier firms, you move on to Plan B, second-tier firms. Failing that, Plan C is corporate.

There are exceptions, but corporate does tend to be the last resort: The place you go when your company has been shopped, or your valuation is so high that the only investors insane enough to write you a check have hoards of “dumb money” to spend.

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Big business and start-ups working together with Venturespring


A new ‘venture development studio’ has launched to connect start-ups with big business, working with brands to develop and launch new digital companies.

Venturespring works with global brands to develop products, systems and services, and then forms teams made up of young entrepreneurs to scale them as independent, profit-making entities, dispensing the advice, resources and guidance necessary to build up their businesses along the way.

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Will Corporate Venture Capital Disrupt the Traditional Investment Ecosystem?

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Corporate venture capital is picking up speed in the investment industry, as large companies start setting aside funds for external investment in fledgling companies or startups.

Tech giants like Intel, Dell and AMD all have strong track records with their proprietary funds, and more companies like Microsoft and Salesforce are now entering the venture-fund game. During the past four years more than 475 corporate venture funds have started, bringing the worldwide total to more than 1,100, according to Global Corporate Venturing.

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