Corporate Venture Capital Is King In Japan

social CANDY japanWhen it comes to raising money in the U.S., corporate venture capital is seemingly synonymous with “Plan C.” If you can’t raise money from top-tier firms, you move on to Plan B, second-tier firms. Failing that, Plan C is corporate.

There are exceptions, but corporate does tend to be the last resort: The place you go when your company has been shopped, or your valuation is so high that the only investors insane enough to write you a check have hoards of “dumb money” to spend.

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What Corporate Incubators and Accelerators Mean for Your Business


With a host of companies under his belt, serial entrepreneur Rich Schmelzer launched his latest company, Boulder, Colo.-based GeoPalz, pretty much the only way he knew how. He bootstrapped.

But then a funny thing happened: Schmelzer met the Swoosh.

Yes, that Swoosh–Nike. Schmelzer’s company makes the iBitz, a personal activity monitor for kids. And late last year, when Nike announced it was launching a special accelerator for startups developing high-tech solutions that could leverage the Nike+ platform, it was serendipity.

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Google Ventures Launches $100 Million Startup Fund in Europe

Google venture fundCiting the “compelling” success of European companies like SoundCloud and Spotify, Google Ventures is starting a new $100 million fund to support the work of entrepreneurs across Europe.

The new office will be headquartered in London, adding to locations in Boston, New York and San Francisco.

In a blog post announcing the move, managing partner and Google Ventures co-founder Bill Maris wrote “startups need more than just capital to succeed: they also benefit from engineering support, design expertise, and guidance with recruiting, marketing and product management…We believe Europe’s startup scene has enormous potential.”

Google Ventures, Google’s venture capital investment arm, launched in 2009 and has since contributed funding to 250 companies, including Uber, Flatiron Health, cloud-based companies ZenPayroll and Cloudera, social site About.Me and smart-thermostat maker Nest Labs, which Google bought for $3.2 billion back in January.

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