The Difference Between Angel Investment and Venture Capital

1. difference between angel and corporate investors 2

When it comes to financing your startups, shows such as Dragon’s Den can make you think it’s all about impressing investors and winning millions of pounds off the bat. In fact, investment comes in all shapes and sizes. Investment in the tech sector has already reached £459m this quarter, but if you are seeking to bring an investor on board, what are the options for you?

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How Large Corporations Can Successfully Engage With Startups

Innovation, performance excellence and risk management are top agenda items for corporate leaders. Their innovation strategy usually covers: product, service, platform, structure, process, business model, network, channel, customer engagement and brand.


For long-term success, corporate innovators need to cultivate habits of curiosity, deliberate observation, diverse information seeking and engagement with other creative people. All this is easier said than done. Tightening up of long-term R&D budgets, increasing digital disruption, organisational bureaucracy and the bias of prior success are making it harder for large enterprises to innovate on their own, and thus driving them to tap new sources of innovation: startups.

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