MBA or Accelerator: What’s Right for an Aspiring Entrepreneur?


The benefits of an MBA program:

1. An MBA will provide you with the knowledge you need to get your business started and help prevent some silly mistakes that other beginning entrepreneurs make.

2. When pursuing an MBA you are provided access to the university’s resources, programs, talent pool and alumni networks.

3. The total experience will help you establish a baseline of business credibility with potential customers, partners and investors.

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Oxford launches world’s largest university venturing fund

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Oxford can rarely be accused of failing to think big. Number one in the UK for its research impact and consistently scoring at the top of global rankings, the institution produces some of the best research and academic spin-outs in the world. In the past year and a half, Oxford saw 2014’s largest university spin-out exit of gaming firm NaturalMotion in a $527m acquisition, a $104m series A for its immunotherapy spin-out Adaptimmune which subsequently floated in April 2015 raising $191.3m in its IPO, and has supported the launch of two seed funds at Isis Innovation, the university’s technology transfer office (TTO).

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UK universities flying high

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Three UK universities are taking part in a project to design a machine to transform air travel for future generations in a £16m ($23.9m) project.

Teams from Loughborough University, Cranfield University and Bristol University will work with UK-based aerospace and defence company Marshalls Aerospace on the project that is led by France-based aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Funding will be provided by Innovate UK, previously the Technology Strategy Board, that is sponsored by the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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