How do you connect startups with brands?

Brands and Star-ups

When I kicked off my conference business to bring thought leaders together onto one stage to discuss the convergence of social, location, and mobile, I knew we were just scratching the surface. Through Social-Loco and Mobile-Loco I have watched startups and big companies take the stage and make their predictions about where the market would go. Over the years, I saw more brands, agencies, and retailers attend the events and engage with startups.

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All You Need to Know About Business Incubators


Definition: An organization designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services that could include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections .

Business incubation programs are often sponsored by private companies or municipal entities and public institutions, such as colleges and universities. Their goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support and financial and technical services.

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What Corporate Incubators and Accelerators Mean for Your Business


With a host of companies under his belt, serial entrepreneur Rich Schmelzer launched his latest company, Boulder, Colo.-based GeoPalz, pretty much the only way he knew how. He bootstrapped.

But then a funny thing happened: Schmelzer met the Swoosh.

Yes, that Swoosh–Nike. Schmelzer’s company makes the iBitz, a personal activity monitor for kids. And late last year, when Nike announced it was launching a special accelerator for startups developing high-tech solutions that could leverage the Nike+ platform, it was serendipity.

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NASA Funds 12 Deep-Space Exploration Technologies

NASA has funded the development of a dozen new technologies that could help humanity extend its footprint out into the solar system.


The awards, which were granted via a program called Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP), set up NASA partnerships with 10 aerospace companies and one public university to develop tech in three different areas:

1) advanced electric propulsion

2) human habitation

3) Small satellites

“Commercial partners were selected for their technical ability to mature key technologies and their commitment to the potential applications both for government and private-sector uses,” William Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for Human Exploration and Operations at NASA Headquarters, said in a statement.

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Why Big Companies Want In

Corporate venture capital is picking up speed in the investment industry, as large companies start setting aside funds for external investment in fledgling companies or startups.


Tech giants like Intel, Dell and AMD all have strong track records with their proprietary funds, and more companies like Microsoft and Salesforce are now entering the venture-fund game. During the past four years more than 475 corporate venture funds have started, bringing the worldwide total to more than 1,100, according to Global Corporate Venturing.

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