Innovation Challenges

Bringing the startup and corporate world together to build innovative game changing solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the industry today
The Smart City challenge invites the startup community to propose innovative new tech solutions to the challenges facing modern cities. Challenge themes have revolved around smarter streets, housing, planning and transport. Brand sponsors and ecosystem partners included IBM, The Mayor’s Office, Tech.London and Transport For London’s (TFL’s) innovation arm, Urban Design London. Open to any brands which are interested in smart city technologies.
The Future of Retail Challenge is a startup competition which invites the startup community to propose innovative new tech solutions, that solve problems within the retail industry. Challenge themes include fast moving consumer goods, personalised shopping, customer experience and IoT. Brand sponsors and ecosystem to date have included IBM, Iceland, Argos and the Unilever Foundry. Open to any brands which are either in retail or have an interest in retail and the future of the industry.
The Future of Mobility Challenge aims to identify startups and new technologies that solve some of the biggest challenges in the transportation, mobility, energy and aerospace sectors. This innovation programme aspires to better service a new generation of customers who are demanding anytime, anyplace, tailored experiences facilitated by smart devices and ubiquitous internet access. Supporters include Shell Ventures, Jaguar Landrover, McLaren, Silicon Valley Bank and Hyperloop.
The Future of Finance Challenge invites startups, entrepreneurs and developers to submit their FinTech solutions to contribute major solutions in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, digital currency, blockchain and growing trends in the sharing economy. There is a 58% chance that artificial intelligence will replace financial advisors (source Oxford University) and according to the Economist ‘47% of all jobs will be automated by 2034’? How are you preparing for the fourth industrial revolution?
This challenge seeks startups and entrepreneurs with big ideas for the future of healthcare. We are looking for innovative new tech that aims to improve healthcare services. The challenges themes will include topics such as domestic health, patient services, commerce and wellbeing.
The Future of Luxury Challenge invites the startup community to propose new tech solutions which will transform the future of the luxury industry. Shaping how we consume, experience and even perceive luxury. The challenge themes will cover areas such as: Travel, Fashion, Food and Business.
The Future of Media Challenge invites the startup community to propose tech solutions that will forge the future of communication. We want to see the most inventive new outlets, platforms, and tools used to store and deliver information. The challenge themes will cover areas such as: Mobile, AI, Wearables and IOT.
The Cognitive Technology Challenge invites the startup community to propose new forward thinking technologies that use artificial intelligence to solve the big issues within the health, transportation and the finance Industry. We are searching for the best Industry focused AI applications, which will radically change how we perceive these sectors.

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